How to do successful business
in Latin America


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How to do successful business in Latin America

In case you are not aware of, a diverse consumer market of more than 550 million people live in Latin America! These people, we all call Latinos, live, work and spend money, just south of the U.S. Border! However, I am not talking about Mexico, although is included, but there are many other countries, territories, islands and protectorates in the Latin American Region that await for your business. Within this huge market, there is hunger and demand for American and Foreign goods, technology, know-how and services. You might know the existence of plenty multilateral and bilateral free-trade agreements between U.S. and many Latin American countries, that are designed to offer your business a competitive edge over other European and Asian rivals. These trade agreements should propel you to enter or expand your business in Latin American. You need to know, that Free trade agreements help you compete on prices, quality, as well as offering prompt delivery of your goods and services to these markets. I have witnessed over my 20 years of traveling to the region, how U.S. technology, management, know-how, goods, and services from a wide range of industries have contributed significantly to the growth of Latin American economies. 

About Axel Lopez

Axel Lopez was born and raised in Guatemala. Initially a resident of Los Angeles, CA graduated from Los Angeles City College. He holds a BA in Business Administration and Marketing from Columbia College. He served in the US Navy, as a US Marine Corpsman and participated in Desert Shield / Desert Storm War and has an Honorable discharge from military service in addition to various educational courses and member of various international organizations.

Axel has been a resident of Orlando, FL for the past 30 years and has been doing international business representing companies from USA, Europe and Middle East in dealing in Latin America countries for 20 years. He is President of three companies in Florida, VERTISA Corporation, ELMED Medical Systems, Inc. companies that manufactures, distributes and sells medical equipment, modular solutions and throughout a network of Distributors and Agents in Latin America and American Business Links, Corp., classified as an Export Management Company offering trade services and representations and International Marketing Consulting.

Axel is author of the book “How to Make Successful Business in Latin America”. In his book, it covers why do business in this region, why Latin America, why now, where and how you start, and you will learn how to deal with Agents, Distributors or by going direct. The message is simple: Go where the Customers are! Most of them are outside USA. International Trade is not just for Fortune 500 Companies, most companies are small to medium size business, so you can take your business outside USA borders too! We can help you succeed, contact:

American Business Links, Corporation is a Export Management Company based in Orlando, FL offering Representations, Marketing and Sales Services.

Axel An influential voice in the Hispanic-American investor community, Mr. Lopez is well-known for his



“About 12 years ago I read a New York Times article that handling and disposing of waste was big business,” he said “I started paying attention to how medical facilities handled medical waste overseas. I found most of the time, out of pure ignorance they simply put it into the trash as ordinary waste. The second most popular method was incineration. Then I met Peter Hegyi who had developed a new technology to shred and sterilize medical waste in a more environmentally friendly and cost effective manner. We partnered to form a company to commercialize it – VERTISA Medical Waste”

VERTISA has developed technology for hospitals and plants that handle both small and large volumes of medical waste, from 20kg per hour to 2 tons per hour. “VERTISA has developed a technology to treat medical waste by shredding the waste first before sterilization while keeping the waste confined in the same vessel through both processes,” Lopez explained. “There are systems that attempt to sterilize the waste while it remains in the container. We shred the red bags to expose all the elements to be sterilized, which reduces volume and guarantees sterilization due to its total exposure.”

Lopez is an experienced international businessman and published author. His book “How To Do Successful Business In Latin America” is used by U.S. universities to teach international business. Lopez’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to go for it if you have the entrepreneurial drive.

“These days there are more resources than ever before to assist entrepreneurs to succeed,” he said. “If you have the bug, get started and make the decision to go for it and do it. There will be people along the way who will support you. I have found people are happy to help by introducing you to someone or connecting you with other resources. If you want to succeed, you can in today’s resource rich entrepreneurial ecosystem.”